I don't usually endorse law enforcement, however, this man is constitutionally aware and believes in individual liberty. If I could vote for him I would. Good Luck Sheriff Wyckoff. Floyd "Pete" McBroom Alabama State Senate District 29.

The Randolph County affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Alabama would like to endorse and highlight an amazing candidate running for office and will be on the ballot  on Tuesday November 8, 2022. Charlie Wyckoff for Sheriff of Mobile County is an amazing defender of the Constitution and a huge proponent of "Constitutional Carry"! One of his opponents fought against Constitutional Carry! Please, if you can financially support or contribute to his campaign or in any other way support his efforts, Charlie Wyckoff for Sheriff need you. If you need to reach out to him, visit his FB Campaign page or see the web site wyckoffsheriff.com. If you live in the geographic area, be sure to register to VOTE and Vote Charlie Wyckoff Sheriff.

Charlie Wyckoff has a great interest in the unincorporated areas such as Coden, Heron Bay, Irvington, Alabama Port, Theodore, and the surrounding areas. He is running for Sheriff. The same person has been a political Sheriff for years and is endorsing someone like himself. We need a Sheriff that is a part of the community, listens to our concerns. Everyone has issues and for years these concerns have not been address. I know that for 12 years that I volunteered at the Response Center, I never recall the active Sheriff nor the other candidates ever stepping foot in that building at any time, however, Charlie has been active throughout the years supporting many events. Of course his cars are always a great attraction, but also he and his wife would show up to the music nights, donate to the food pantry and he stepped up at the last moment for a Fundraiser benefit and not only brought his deep fryer but gallons of cooking oil, and fried the fish and hushpuppies, working for hours to help. Did he support these benefits for your vote? Not at all, he does this because he is a part of our community, he cares, and he listens and does not even live here. All  I know is time and time again the same man has held the Sheriff's position and time and time again nothing has changed for the unincorporated Mobile County communities. There will never be a politician that we will all agree with on every platform they stand for, however, if we continue to allow the same person and the same group hold that office who are we to blame or complain. Why not give Charles Wyckoff a chance? Go to his page and ask him questions, Charlie Wyckoff For Sheriff. Bottom line is, how is this sheriff and his buddies working for us right now?

Charlie Wyckoff is a devoted hard working citizen who will do his very best to clean up Mobile County. Vote Charlie Wyckoff for Sheriff of Mobile County - Mary 

The Libertarian Party of Alabama, Randolph County officially endorses Charlie Wyckoff for Sheriff of Mobile County

Mr Wyckoff is a devout man of God and concerned community leader as opposed to his apponent who has served the current administrations for some 30+ years. I think Wyckoff is the better choice for Mobile Sheriff. -Russell

Charlie has a love for Mobile, and he is driven to make our city/county an even safer and better place to live. He has law enforcement experience that will support his position as sheriff.  - Cindi

I endorse Charlie Wyckoff - George

Charles Wyckoff was kept off the Republican primary ballot and forced to acquire signatures on a petition so he can be on the ballot in November. The establishment/career politicians don't like his stand on the 2A (Constitutional Carry) and his commitment to defend Mobile County citizens and our Constitutional rights. That is what all sheriffs are supposed to do. He is an alternative to Sam Cochran's choice and he has my vote. -Katrina

Mr. Charlie Wyckoff is a candidate for Sheriff in Mobile Alabama and is BamaCarry Leader in Mobile, he criticized correctly those politicians in the legislature and elected officials who deny the people their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms by forcing us to pay a fee for a permit! THANKS TO CHARLIE FOR HIS OUTSTANDING TALK and for handling our Benediction in place of Dr Batton, A BIG THANKS. -Lou

It's time the people of Mobile County stand and put a new sheriff in position to help our community. Our community is crumbling under the current administration and his leadership. We need someone who will abide by his oath and the Constitution and keep our community safe. Far too long we haven't mattered and now we need to take action. Charles Wyckoff is and will be a great asset to our communtiy. I encourage you to please sign the petition for ballot access, share, and vote. We have to safeguard our community for our children and grandchildren. -Kathern

THANKS TO CHARLIE FOR HIS OUTSTANDING TALK and for handling our Benediction in place of Dr Batton. A BIG THANKS TO ALL FOUR  of these speakers for delivering a message that we have to fight the swamp by FIGHTING FOR OUR RIGHTS! -Lou

I have always found Charlie to be a laser focused Man,that always had a passion to serve his community and continue to pursue the office of Sheriff.He has the experience and God given motivation to be successful and perform the duties required with no influence from special interests or political gain.I am very blessed to call him my friend. Elect a winner in 2022. - Rodney

“I am humbly praying for you and your family and your sacrifice of service.”
- James

“If you want a good man for Sheriff, you should try your very best to meet and to hear what Charles Wyckoff has to say.”
- Wanda

"He's somebody I'd ride the river with" was a complimentary saying about those type men. Glad to know one or two along my life journey"
- Earby

“Hey I just liked the THERE IS A NEW SHERIFF COMING page. It's a good page. It's good that people are fussing a little. You have their attention and your campaign is gaining traction.”
- Wilma

"You can expect my full support for your campaign for Sheriff! Tell me where to get some yard signs, we'll put them at the farm and all the families yards!"
- Justin

“I am proud of you and best of blessings to your campaign”
- Bennie

I met Charlie when he came to do some work at my home. It only took a few minutes of talking to know he is a good man. He has law enforcement background. Good values. I was not speaking to a politician. I was speaking with the man. He has my support and I hope many of you will give Charlie real thought and support. He will bring a new life to the Sheriff’s Dept. Moral is low and I believe Charlie will change that for the better. A true Christian man. We could use an army of those in our Sheriff Dept.                                                                                                                                - Just

Would like to personally thank Charles and Rhonda Wyckoff for keeping me company at the Hospital this morning while husband was in surgery and recovery. I love and appreciate you both very much.                                                                                       - Laura                            

I wanted to give you a big thank you, as what you did does not go unnoticed. You have done something important to improve the lives of Veterans in Mobile.                   - Joe

I think that this is th best man for the job. He believes in justice, god, helping people, family and being fair. With that said, who better to lead the way to a better tomorrow than Mr. Charlie. This is no doubt the Sheriff we all desperately need for a brighter and safer future for Mobile.                                                                                                     - Brad

There is a new kind of Sheriff coming that will meet the citizens of Mobile where they are and not only at some formal town hall meeting. Charlie visits the communities, cities, and towns all around.                                                                                             - Erica

ELECT CHARLIE WYCKOFF FOR SHERIFF IN 2018, PLEASE!!!!!                              - Howard

Praying for you my friend                                                                                                 - Tanya

My Mobile County Family and Friends, please vote for and Elect Mr. Charlie Wyckoff for your Sheriff! This man is dedicated to his faith, his family and to serve and protect Mobile County and beyond. I met him during a search for a missing teen in Escambia County that he had volunteered his time to help with. He is the right man for the job as your Sheriff. I am honored to have had the priviledge to meet him. Vote for Mr Wyckoff. You would certainly have my vote if I could vote in Mobile County! Best wishes to you for a successful journey!                                                                           - Debbie


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