New News

New News

May 25, 2021

We have been extremely busy over the past several months and looking forward to many more. This last year seems like a bad dream or a bad storm with the virus and our state legislators not accomplishing much with regards to defending and protecting our Constitution. I have had many friends ask if we were running for sheriff again and my answer is always, "we never quit." My family has always been by my side and while they are reluctant to be in any part of politics they realize the need for a positive change. Whether that change is good or bad it is going to effect my family and I chose to make it a good change when I chose to put my name on the ballot four years ago. We did not win and things remained the same or worse. 

We still receive character building classes on a daily basis dealing with the politics, the church, the family, and the business, and it could not be any better or at a better time. Thanks for all the support and encouragement and we look forward to working with everyone that wants to continue working together for a better Mobile.

Thanks Again.

Charlie Wyckoff

Posted on 26 May 2021, 20:12 - Category: News

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