Independence Day

July 1 2017

This is one of those weeks where I know we are right where we are supposed to be. I have met some people that I would have never thought that I needed to meet but found out after meeting them that it seem to fit the timing and condition well. 

We receive what at first seems to be bad news and it actually turns into great new. I would never choose to work in this direction but the character building could not be better and at a better time. Thanks for all the support and we look forward to working with everyone that wants to work together.

Thanks Again.

Charlie Wyckoff

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Charlie Wyckoff Announces Candidacy


"I want to play an active role in making my community, state and country a safer, better place to raise my children and grand-children, run my business and forge a future filled with unlimited promise," said Wyckoff. "There is a lot that needs to be done in the courts and legislation to help with this goal, but the Mobile Sheriff’s Department is where I feel that I can do the most good."
Wyckoff is going to run as a candidate for Mobile County Sheriff as a challenger. At this time we are not sure if the incumbent sheriff will campaign or will quit before his term is up and possibly have a new appointed sheriff.

Wyckoff says, “We will continue to seek the office of sheriff and will continue to promise an administration of the people, by the people, and for the people of Mobile County.”
Wyckoff adds, "Together, we can make a meaningful difference -- for our families, our communities in Mobile County, and our country. I have spent my life and my career helping others, serving the community, and creating income producing businesses and now I need your strong support to make this happen and ask you to do more than just vote, I need you to get involved.”
Rather than electing or re-electing one more career politician or allowing the good old boys using tricks or back room deals to continue costing us tax payers more than we should have to pay and have no one accountable, let us try having a sheriff who has spent his life and career meeting the needs of our community, developing income producing small business and caring for the underserved people of our community. Charlie is a representative that serves, protects and defends the people, and the Constitutions of the United States, The State of Alabama, and Mobile County.
The primary will be held June 5, 2018, with the general election on November 6, 2018 but it is not too early getting started or getting to work.

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