Meet Charlie Wyckoff

Candidate for Mobile County Sheriff

A former member of the Mobile County Sheriff Office Mounted Unit, a former board member of the MCSO Mounted Unit, a former board member on the Southern States Policemen's Benevolent Association (PBA), a former member of the Mobile County Republican Executive Committee, a former member of the ALGOP Capital Club, a current board member for the Shady Grove Cemetery, vice president for AACA Deep South Region, fourteen years pastor of Bethel Church, Chaplin for the Marine Corp League in Mobile and a volunteer for a variety of other charitable causes. A lifetime member of the NRA, a lifetime member of National Association For Gun Rights, a member of several other associations including the National Sheriff's Association (NSA), a lifetime member of and chapter leader for BamaCarry Of Mobile, a lifetime member of the Marine Corp League. 

Born in Laurel Mississippi and raised in Mobile Alabama, I learned early on the value of teamwork, perseverance, hard work, and long hours.

My abilities and opportunities have helped me earn a good living for over forty years working throughout the Southeast United States. In the process of working and raising a family, I have graduated with a Bachelor's Degree and a Masters Degree with experience in business, administration, counseling, engineering, environmental, and construction services.

I have successfully run one engineering support services company and then started and run another engineering, environmental, construction, and support services company.

I have spent the last few years, pastoring a small church in west Mobile Alabama.

I want to serve as the people's Sheriff for Mobile, Alabama and be the voice actively working which echoes the citizen's concerns.

I am an active voice that matters and an active citizen that cares. 


A message from Charlie Wyckoff

I had a life of growing up with parents that taught respect and discipline but also allowed me to make my own decisions about the life goals that I chose. One of my goals is to see that  the personal that are involved with Mobile County Sheriff's Office are able to appreciate something that very few professions have. 

I have been in ministry for over thirty years and pastor of one church for over thirteen years. I worked and earned a Bachelor degree and a Masters Div. degree studying ministry, counseling and administration while working a business, pastoring church, and raising a family. I joined the Mobile County Sheriff's Mounted Unit and was elected to the board by the members for two, two year terms. I was also on the board for the Southern States Policemen's Benevolent Association (PBA), Mobile County Chapter for over four years. I have been qualified, recieved certificates and training for firearms, pepper spray, baton, handcuffs, crowd control, de-escalation, first responder, mounted unit and active shooter. I have over forty hours training in the mounted unit and have since had about forty hours training in Terrorism Response Tactics, Police-Citizen Encounters, Deputy Training, Civil, Records, & Permits, In-Service Training, and Mounted Police Training. 

Up to this point this is a little bit of how I have spent my life and career and now want to take the knowledge and experience I have gained, along with my commitment to this county and to it's citizens and visitors, a representative that will serve, protect and defend all it's citizens and visitors. I need your strong support to make this happen and ask you to get involved. 

Thank you sincerely 

Charlie Wyckoff

Candidate for Mobile County Sheriff

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