Vote Charlie Wyckoff
for Mobile County Sheriff

Vote In November For Charlie Wyckoff for Mobile County Sheriff

Mobile now has a clear choice between someone who has fought for Constitutional Carry and the Constitutional Rights of the average citizen while the other candidates still say they are against the Shall Not Be Infringed Constitutional Right in the 2nd Amendment we call Constitutional Carry. 

My background and experience is in business, ministry, construction support services, counseling, administration, and law enforcement.

I have over five years experience on the Sheriff's Mounted Unit and the Board with training in mounted unit, firearms, deescalation, active shooter, search and rescue and many other certifications, experience, and training. 

I am currently a member of th National Sheriff's Association and will continue to seek the best ways to defend and protect not only the Constitution but also the Constitutional Rights of each and every citizen the Sheriff's office comes into contact with.

I have always been involved and have hands on the work being done with an eye on the positive return or benefit for the effort or cost. 

I have an eye on our tax paid investment to make Mobile a safer place to live, to raise our kids, and operate a business. I believe in a safer and more professional environment for citizens to live, work, raise children and enjoy life. 

I work for the whole county with the citizen, business owner and the local government administrator's support so that we get the correct resources where they are needed and get the most out of what we have without leaving other spots vulnerable.

I do not work for a political party or the government, I support a safe environment for the citizens and visitors in Mobile.

Every legally registered citizen should be voting in this election.

This election is Mobile's best chance to improve and set the stage for the next severel years. 


Eye On Professional

Charlie Wyckoff has a new administration that is ready to deal with Mobile's problems related to theft, drugs, domestic violence, animal cruelty, jail overcrowding, officer and prisoner safety, department spending, terrorism, public security, abuse of power, and the relationship between law enforcement and the public.

Charlie Wyckoff, is committed to reducing crime by reducing the number of dangerous criminals on the streets in Mobile County.

Charlie says, "I am ready to have a more active role in making our community, state and country a safer, better place to raise our children, run our business and be proud to have visitors."

He says, "I get outside the bubble of just close friends who have been doing the same thing for over forty years while statistics continue to get worse, I stay in touch with the public on a daily basis and I focus on defending and protecting the Constitution of Alabama and The United States Constitution for our citizens, our law enforcement personal and visitors of Mobile Alabama."

Crime is still on the increase in Mobile. Vehicles, businesses, and homes being broken into is high and based on current statistics is projected to be getting even higher, breaking another record number of crimes for our community. 

The chances of becoming a victim of a crime in Mobile is now 1 in 31. The chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime is 1 in 225. A person in Mobile is now more likely to need protection from crime or criminals than from a fire or or weather related danger. In Mobile you are more likely to need a firearm than you are a fire extinguisher!

Those chances are simialar to bigger cities like New York or Chicago and based on per capita is equal to Chicago. Breaking the cycle of crime is my top priority!

I’m asking you to cast aside the party labels and political games to vote for me on the real issues: putting career criminals in jail and supporting the United States constitution – PERIOD!

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